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The Rise of League of Legends & Dota 2 E-Sports

We have all heard about e-sports and how popular they are becoming. Well most of us have, so if you haven’t, then here is your chance to learn how millionaires are being made from gaming!

One of the most popular e-sports out there today is League of Legends closely rivaled by its competition Dota 2 where recently the first place team won $1.82 million each – more about that later in this article.

League of Legend and Dota 2 are both team fighting games and have both become so popular that they draw in millions of players and interest viewers globally to watch main event tournaments staged in massive arenas.

These arenas can fill up to 20,000 spectators and the entire tournament is televised online

Of course, like any sporting event there are preliminary rounds that lead up to the main event. Teams of 5 players plus a sub player, in case a player is unable to play, get together to play versus an opposing team. These tournament games are streamed online and can attract tens of thousands of viewers all predicting which teams will make it to the grand finale set in a prechosen arena.

You can imagine with so much attention paid to the League of Legends tournaments comes sponsors

Firstly, before we get into the prize pool cash that goes up for grabs and the way the game is played, we’ll look into how these gaming teams make their money outside of prize money. Again, as with any sport, it is through massive sponsorship deals. The better the team, or in some cases just the popularity of a team being the most popular in their region naturally equates to bigger sponsorship deals.

A single team can attract tens of thousands of fans watching their practice or leisure games online

With this comes $$$ – lots of it, and all in the form of sponsorship deals. When the team is televised, then the sponsorship money increases – naturally because they can sport clothing from Nike, Adidas and any other famous brands willing to give away their products and some cash so when these budding e-sport stars are seen playing, they are seen playing in their sponsor’s branded outfits.

In the latest Dota 2 Championship there was a massive $20.8 million prize pool

You can imagine how far that kind of money goes. Wings Gaming the team that won the latest Dota 2 championship this August 2016 won $9.1 million – for a team of 5 split, that is a life changing amount of money. Even second place received $3.4 million.

For the League of Legends version, this is about to be played out as we come to the end of the season, so if you are interested, then keep your eye out. You can find out more here: lolboost.net. This is a and boosting site that has an interesting blog where you can find out all about the game League of Legends, how you can progress and more.

How are these famous e-sport games played?

Do to put it simply there are fantasy heroes and champions. For Dota 2 they are called heroes and League of Legends they are called Champions.

  1. Players enter into a team that makes up 5 players
  2. They will play another team of 5 players
  3. Each individual player chooses their hero or champion

Both teams battle it out using magic, strength and damage in a tactical game that means getting to the enemy base destroying it.

Surprisingly the games are both set with just 3 lanes. Bottom, middle and top lanes where creeps patrol and fight while the heroes/champions battle it out dominating the map. Each hero or champion has their own setoff skills and attributes.

The Skill Involved is Huge

You can imagine with over 150 heroes and 150 Champions with new ones always being added, the skill you need to be able to master these games is huge.

That may sound surprising to some as after all “It is just a computer game”. Nonetheless, this is not a robotic computer game where you learn the sequence through trial and error. The reason being simply down to the fact that you are playing against real players/people that are unpredictable. Plus, very rarely will you come up against the same team or player again and again – that is unless you are a pro or bordering on pro!

As with soccer, football, basketball or even poker or pro racing games if we start to reference other e-sports, all the pro games can be watched prior to playing the opposition. Therefore, notes can be made and tactics become a huge part of the equation just because you are trying to pick up on weaknesses and counter strategy. However, if you are climbing the ranks of League of Legends or Dota 2, then you are not going to have that privilege.

Literally you enter into a game and the gaming client will pair you up versus other players and decide your team. It does this by taking into consideration your skill and current rating. This way you will at least be playing versus players that are of similar skill to you.

lolAn example of a Dota 2 player’s stats

Interested in seeing more?

There are plenty of ways to find out more about Dota 2 and League of Legends. You can actually watch some of the games in action. Here we have added a couple of You Tube videos so you can see what all the fuss is about!

Dota 2 Final Match – Worth $9.1 million to the winning team

League of Legends S6 2016

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