About Leon

My name’s Leon and I briefly want to tell you my story.

Since I was a child, I had a strong passion for sports. I played different sports, and even if my favourite sport is tennis. I love working very hard and competing and I become a tennis coach in 2010.

Since I was a child I spent lots of hours hitting a backboard and I was sorrounded by many positive peole who taught me about sports, but no other sport gave me the adrenaline as when I was playing tennis.

My family encouraged me to play different sports as a young child as tennis, swimming, hockey and football. For me winning wasn’t so important but I always did my best to show them my best whitout having pressure to win, and this made me become a real sports lover.

Two years ago I decided to open my own tennis club in Ireland and as a coach I like to teach childs and adults.

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