As Sport we we indicate all the competitive activity and games which offer enternainment for all the spectators.

All the sports are leaded by rules to ensure a legal competition to entitle all the winners. In sports the femal partecipation is continuing to grow and involves amateur sports but varies by sport and country.

Sports is recommended for youth and gives to the children the opporunity to socialize and form friendships but mainly encourage them to stay away from drugs and increase the education.

Nowadays there are sports available for people that have disabilities and most of these sports are normal sports just modiied to adapt the needs of the disability and sometimes they are named as a ‘Adapted Sports’.

Most of the sports attract all the spectators in person at the sport event and most of them trought the broadcast mediums which could be television, internet and radio, which or the attendance at the venue they pay the ticket or the entrance and or the broadcasting way they pay ‘ pay-per-view’.

As we jumped to talking about the broadcasting way to follow sports we also should recognize that the Technology plays a very important role, thinking for example how is important to display the scores, and applied to the athlete erormance to analyse the challenge.

The Rise of League of Legends & Dota 2 E-Sports

We have all heard about e-sports and how popular they are becoming. Well most of us have, so if you haven’t, then here is your chance to learn how millionaires are being made from gaming!

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